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Add monolingual language code fr-CA
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Please add the language code fr-CA (Canadian French) to the list of language codes supported for monolingual text values.

The language is used by French speaking Canadians. This will be useful for the name of plants in French used in the VASCAN ID (P1745) who are note the same that the standard French

  • Usage example: in Q145992 in property P1843 for Canadian French épinette de Norvège (Standard French: épicéa commun)
  • language item: : native label writing system speakers

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This is NOT necessarily where the language committee gives its ok. It is not a different language.


@GerardM thanks. Can the committee please come to a clear yes or no? Thanks :)

Sound globally like a good idea but we should go further and deeper.

I feel the request and the example is not wide enough, true « épinette de Norvège » is more common in Canada but this species have dozen of name in french, fr-ca label only solve one name.
Why only fr-ca, why not fr-be, fr-ch, fr-us, fr-qc, etc. ? Right now, we only have frc and frp (because they are far - and lucky - enough to have an ISO 639 code), I think we should look at this globally instead of doing one by one request.

PS: out of curiosity, how far is fr-ca to fr (I don't have numbers but it seems much closer than en-ca to en, and it's more a question of grammar than vocabulary and Wikidata don't care much for grammar ; there is no case like colour/color or organise/organize).

@VIGNERON For Wikidata, I am not sure there is much difference between fr-ca and fr.except in the vernacular names of plants of animals, and the title of translated books and movies We have some difference in the administrative level, but in Wikidata (municipalité - commune) these type of thing are generally different two items. For fr-qc, it's probably totally useless if we add fr-ca (It's mostly a different name of the same variety).

Fr-ch will probabbly usefull for the name of plants in French used in Switzerland via For fr-be and fr-us, I have no opinion on the subject, but the best is pobably find a database who use them first.

It seems it meets the requirements of

@MF-Warburg would you like to add something from the lang-co perspective?

@MF-Warburg would you like to add something from the lang-co perspective?

We're currently still discussing this.

@MF-Warburg what's the development so far? Would you kindly provide a link to the discussion?

What is the outstanding issue?

I have a similar question regarding en-us. (discussion)
Is it a case you already had? What do you think about adding en-us in the list of languages?

For en-US we take it that it is standard English.. We do have en-GB among
others already.


Hello @GerardM,

I transmit below the answer from the demander, MPF (who can't answer on Phabricator for technical reasons:

"American (en-us) is absolutely not the same as standard English (en). To say so is disgusting cultural imperialism, and highly objectional and insulting to English people; as such it is wholly contrary to the ethos and standards of wikis. The language name and code must follow the original language, i.e., English (en) is the language of English people in England, and not the often very different variant spoken in USA. Compare for example Portuguese (pt), which is used for the original European Portuguese (10.5 million speakers), while Brazilian Portuguese is pt-br despite its much greater population size (200 million) - a very comparable case to en and en-us.

As with the example cited earlier by Fralambert for fr-ca, many plants and animals have different names in English and American, and to insist that the standard English name is the American name - and that the actual English name is therefore incorrect - is highly insulting to English people.

To have an 'en-gb' is also inaccurate, as - although generally extremely similar - there are slight differences between English English, and Scottish English, Welsh English, Manx English, etc."

Can we move ahead with fr-ca ?

It seems that no outstanding issues have been mentioned.

thiemowmde triaged this task as Medium priority.Mar 26 2017, 2:04 PM

@MF-Warburg & others
Hello :) Do you have any update regarding this topic? The ticket is open for a while now, we should be able to move on.
If you have any specific technical issue about Wikidata, let me know.

When you want a technical point, the code is a combination of two parts, to
standards. It is fr, the ISO 639 -1 code for Francais, the French language
and CA, the ISO 3166-2 code for Canada. Both should be spelled correctly so
the code should be fr-CA

Dereckson renamed this task from Add monolingual language code fr-ca to Add monolingual language code fr-CA.May 4 2017, 9:50 PM
Dereckson updated the task description. (Show Details)

Change 369986 had a related patch set uploaded (by Mbch331; owner: Mbch331):
[mediawiki/extensions/Wikibase@master] Add monolingual language code 'fr-CA'

Let's move ahead with fr-CA and get this merged.

Change 369986 merged by jenkins-bot:
[mediawiki/extensions/Wikibase@master] Add monolingual language code 'fr-ca'

@Bouzinac Why did you reopen this task which has been merged 2 years ago?

Seems "français canadien" not available for each monolingual property
it appears to be available and OK for P1705 [for instance
but cannot edit a Q for P1549 or P1843 ... ?


More exactly: the code fr-ca works fine (everywhere AFAIK) but for some reason the name "français canadien" doesn't appears on the list (everywhere AFAIK). I think this is a different and separate bug and a new ticket would be more appropriate.

Indeed it works fine:
But when entering this, I didn't get an option, but that's a separate bug. The original request has been implemented.

Yes, the fact that the language doesn't appear in the list is a known bug and we have a ticket for that.