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cp4008 and cp4012 running on single PSU
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ulsfo had a power strip go bad, and it turns out that either lvs4002 or cp4008 are responsible.

This task will track the repair/replacement of the power supply in cp4008. When the UL techs were plugging it back in (after replacing the bad power strip in the cabinet), lvs4002 popped and then went out AFTER the PDU replacement. It was likely a secondary failure, with cp4008 causing the outage, but its hard to be certain. When cp4008 secondary PSU was plugged in, it did not react. It was likely the cause of the PDU strip also failing with the power supply unit.


So both cp4008 and cp4012 are down to a single PSU each. lvs4002 has dual, since it needs uptime more than any single PSU.

All the ulsfo systems are out of warranty, so we cannot get them automatically replaced.

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Also note that I had to take a PSU from cp4012 so it is also down to a single PSU

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We've replaced these systems.