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Log email changes for all users
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Right now we log sysop email changes in badpass (from a hook in wmf-config)

We should log this in core to the authentication channel and we should do it for all users

For example, in the event of compromise and attacker changes email, we want to know the old email so we can return account to original users, as well as the new email in the logs for ease of grepping

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@Anomie or @Tgr any chance one of you could get a patch sorted for this ASAP?

LGTM. Any reason we can't just push this one in public?

Fine by me. I only put it here because that's what we do for private Security tasks.

Yup, I know :)

Just thinking we might aswell make life easier all around by putting it into gerrit. It's not fixing a security bug particularly, but it is a form of hardening :)

Then we can backport/cherry pick to the branches and get it there too

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All merged and backported. Thanks! :)

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