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mai, olo and tcy interwiki links are at the bottom of the list instead of being sorted by native name
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See for example the interwiki links on and, the links for mai, olo and tcy are at the bottom of the list after zh.

As far as I can tell from, it should follow the order on ( is set to "meta-native-languagename") but those codes are already included on that page.

Other wikis using meta-native-language as the order seem to have the same problem, e.g., (when the compact list is turned off)

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For wikis which use the default language code order (e.g.,, the links are correctly sorted by code. It's only by native name where there seems to be a problem.

Change 323556 had a related patch set uploaded (by Aude):
Move interwiki sorting orders to config

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The relevant patch fixing this was The other patch linked above is unrelated.