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Cross-wiki search completion suggestor based on interwiki prefixes
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Feature request, for the search completion suggestor to automatically search cross-wiki, if given an interwiki prefix to start.
E.g. At English Wikipedia, typing "wikt:foo" into the search bar, would trigger search suggestions that come from English Wiktionary.

(Task based on proposal in that is unfeasible in the short-term. Full copy:)

  • Problem: It is possible to navigate, for example, from English wikipedia to the article about Argentina in Spanish wikipedia by entering "es:Argentina" in the search box, or to the English wiktionary entry about whatever by entering "wikt:whatever". You won't, however, be given search suggestions like when you are about to navigate to another page in the same wiki.
  • Who would benefit: Users who are interested in several wikis.
  • Proposed solution: Our search engine should learn that, if the text entered into the search box begins with interwiki prefixes as described here, search suggestions should be made from that very wiki associated with the given interwiki prefix.

*See also: T139504: Limit completion suggester building to single project

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This might be a nice project for someone looking to get started with development. In theory it shouldn't be too complicated...

Deskana moved this task from needs triage to later on... on the Discovery-Search board.

@Anbans585 Hi. In answer to your question on my usertalkpage, the repo you want to look at is

Note: I asked a dev (I am not a dev) and they said this task might be a little bit too complicated for a very-first-bug, unless you have some experience with developing elsewhere. If you're a newcomer to development in general, then you might want to look at another task. But if you're able to cope with some complexity, then @EBernhardson or @DStrine might be able to help you with any advanced blockers you encounter. :-)

Actually, the other person familiar is @dcausse . Essentially Cirrus should have all the appropriate parts these days to lookup the appropriate config to send an interwiki query (we do this for full text), but we've never built out that capability for autocomplete. This task would be to extend what to do for full text interwiki to also work with the prefix and completion search.

@EBernhardson, @dcausse Can you help me in setting things up as it is my very first bug. Also if you think that it is bit difficult for a very first bug can you give me some advice on where should I start contributing from?