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Create a warning on the block page when admins are blocking a sensitive IP
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The list of sensitive IPs on the English Wikipedia,, has gotten long enough that it is rather unwieldy on the block screen, It would be nice if we could replace the template with an automatic warning when an admin goes to block a sensitive IP, similar to what happens when an admin attempts to block themselves.

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Maybe a special MediaWiki:Sensitive-addresses or another Special Page could be created for this. Should support listing ranges too. I agree it would be a good idea.

Also, for reference, is the message seen when an admin tries to block themselves, though I'm not sure what makes it show only when the admin goes to block themselves.

You can remove the ips from the section "Sensitive for other reasons" by adding the ips to the "MediaWiki:Autoblock whitelist" to avoid autoblocking of all useres coming over this ip address and that should also works for bots.

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I don't think this is a site request because there is no config variable for this.

I agree. If it was, it'd be blocked on development anyway

There is a gadget on that alerts an admin when they are about to block a sensitive IP.

Before starting with any codework I'd check if any of these sensitive IPs are outdated, though.

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