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SpecialUpload wrongly formatted 'fileexists' error
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Author: brianna.laugher

If you go to Special:Upload and enter a destination filename you know exists (e.g. "A.jpg" on Commons), you can an Ajaxy error message below from [[MediaWiki:Fileexists]]. However the supposed HTML appears escaped on the screen, instead of rendering a link.

Suspect it is SpecialUpload.php

$warning .= '<li>' . wfMsgExt( 'fileexists', 'parseinline', $dlink ) . '</li>' . $dlink2;

from r31082. I think $dlink is already something like '<a href="/wiki/A.jpg">A.jpg</a>' so then wfMsgExt escapes it?

So either 'parseinline' should be something else, or instead of $dlink it should be $file->something?

Version: unspecified
Severity: minor



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