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Icinga MariaDB disk space check on silver checks the wrong partition
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The check on Icinga is currently in warning, although the partition that is at 90% usage is the root one, not the /srv one where MariaDB has the data.

Probably related to T151489

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There is no /srv partition on silver. probably it should check /a instead of / ?

The MariaDB disk space check is a legacy of the past- there should be only one disk check, and the critical (and warning) level should be higher for database machines, the data partition, which I think it is now recently possible (maybe) thanks to hiera integration, but I've never had the time to see a perfect solution (not sure it is possible to set a larger threshold for single partitions within a role).

@jcrespo see T151489, there is a /srv mount point as well as /a mount point, they both mount the same partition!

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Close or invalid, probably?

Yep, this is moot as silver is about to be switched off.

Andrew- I will not do that, but you may want to search open tickets with the keyworkd "silver" or "wikitech"- probably you will be able to get rid of a lot of backlog :-) This just happened to be a DBA task.