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In Gallery, the order of images in search result section changes randomly while trying to re-edit it
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Steps to reproduce:

  1. Open VE for a page
  2. Go to Insert>Gallery
  3. After the search results appear for default search term, select one of them and click on "Insert"
  4. Now again open the Gallery dialog to re-edit it.
  5. Click on "Add new image"
  6. First thing to observe is, there is now an extra white column to the right of it which looks very odd

7.Now scroll down a bit

  1. And scroll up to the beginning

Observe that there is a completely different set of images appearing on top of the search results. The order of search results has inconveniently changes.

Sometimes, I cant even find the ones I was considering to add before scrolling down.
If you now just close the gallery and again attempt to edit you will see blank images on top.

This happens both in Beta Cluster and

See the screenshots attached
Initial order with extra space on the right:

New order:

Blank images on third attempt:

In :
Extra space on the right:

Blank Images:

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Change 324223 had a related patch set uploaded (by Esanders):
Wait until search panel is shown before setting a search query

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Wait until search panel is shown before setting a search query