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watchlist: If hidebots is 1, edits of normal users get not shown in "show only recent edit" mode
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  • Create a page with a normal account
  • Edit this page with a account with the right bot, set the botflag for the edit
  • Go to settings, activate the option, that you only can see the last edit of a page in your watchlist
  • Load your watchlist: You can see the edit of the bot now
  • Now use hidebots. The bot edit is now gone (as expected). But you can't see the edit of the user before now

This is a huge disadvantage: this makes the botflag actually a bit useless, since if a bot edit a lot of pages, and people use the setting, that they can only see the last edit of a page, it blocks them from using hidebots, since they would miss real changes then.

Version: Tested at beta-dewiki. If you want to check this out, just list at your watchlist.