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Raise visibility of Wikimedia principles and values and identity/movement
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Wikimedia has a set of principles and values. These are conflated with the principles and values of the Wikimedia Foundation, in that any Wikimedia-affiliated organization should naturally be closely aligned with the principles and values of the broader Wikimedia movement.

Part of documenting these principles and values is an attempt to ensure that we uphold them. It's also an attempt to define who and what Wikimedia is and strives to be.

While we've done a decent job of documentation, I'm not sure we're doing very well at dissemination or propagation or promulgation or indoctrination.

Here's some of what we have currently:

How can we increase the visibility ("raise the awareness") of these principles and values and the context of the larger Wikimedia movement?

For some documents, we go as far as to add user interface clutter. We add footer links to the privacy policy and the terms of use pages, for example. We could consider adding another link to "who we are" or "our values" or similar. I don't love this idea, but I'm currently short on better ones.

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Also possibly useful in this discussion:

  • the framing developed recently to articulate the different facets of our identity (values, principles, etc.)
  • the 2016 discussion whose initial input phase is wrapping up, and which is expected to result in an updated set of values by the end of 2016.

Let me note that most work to "Raise visibility of Wikimedia principles and values and identity/movement" is done on the field, by Wikimedia chapters.