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Create icons in OOUI/WikimediaUI style
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Some icons that we need are missing from the list of icons we use.

We need those specific ones to express the current state that our wishes from the technical wishlist (only in German, but no need to understand the text).

Namely icons for:

icon (what it should represent)ideas
1research is being done / analysis of task and scopepen and paper or magnifying glass...
2in the works (by WMDE)cogwheels with something WMDE...
3in the works (by WMF & other international...)cogwheels with something Wikimedia...
4in the works (by community or other volunteers)hands...
5next wishesmetaphor for 'in line', conveyor belt, arrow...
6polling/support neccesary / still open questionshours glass, speech bubble, smth is not completed...

Please feel free to use entirely your own ideas. These are just some quick thoughts to help you get started in a direction.

  • Each point should have it's own icon, while the 'in the works' icons should look very similar with just slight variations but we're also open to other ideas.
  • All icons must be monochrome (color = #4d4d4d).
  • It would be great if you could propose designs for each of them so they form a coherent picture, but uploading just some is also fine.
  • The design must visually fit into the style of the OOUI/WikimediaUI icons.

This task requires some existing graphics skills working with a Vector graphics application (e.g. Inkscape).
You will have to upload a SVG file.

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Charlie_WMDE moved this task from Incoming to Done on the WMDE-Design board.Jun 28 2017, 11:22 AM

@Charlie_WMDE How has this been accomplished and where could I see the results?

In process of T177432 pinging @Charlie_WMDE again.

Volker_E renamed this task from Create icons in OOjs UI style to Create icons in OOUI/WikimediaUI style.Jan 3 2018, 5:54 AM
Volker_E updated the task description. (Show Details)

@Volker_E This task has been accomplished partially by two students. Unfortunately I have no access to the files anymore as I was under the assumption that I would be able to access them at a later time as well. Since we didn't end up needing them for our project after all, I did not save the files to my local machine. When looking for them now I found out that the access to the submission is only kept open for a few weeks before being shut down.

I'm very sorry this has been so unfortunate and I don't have better news.

Aklapper moved this task from Done to Incoming on the WMDE-Design board.Nov 24 2019, 10:56 PM

I'm moving this task back from the (hidden) "Done" column to the "Incoming" column on the WMDE-Design workboard, as the task is not done.