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Move Thanks icons to Thanks repo
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thank-ltr.svg and thank-rtl.svg are in Echo, but they should be in the Thanks extension instead. These icons are for secondary links to thank users (currently only used by PageTriage), the main notification icon for Thanks notifications is ThankYou.png in the Thanks extension. Converting this to an SVG (an adding an RTL version) is T149352: Echo Notifications Thank You uses outdated PNG icon instead of SVG

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@MtDu Any updates or more information you'd need?

Sorry for pushing this off @Volker_E @Catrope . I remember taking a brief look at this, and seeing it was a bit more complicated than the ones I've done. Eg.,,,,, and I guess, before I get started, @Catrope Could you explain a general guide of what parts of the code need to be touched?

Again, sorry I haven't really given this a deeper look for a while.

Looking at this again, part of this task is impossible, which explains why it's confusing :D

The possible part:

  • Presently, the Thanks extension adds an icon called "thanks", using a PNG (ThankYou.png)
  • I converted this icon to SVG (and separate LTR/RTL versions), and added it to Echo in this patch:
  • I then submitted which deletes the icon from Thanks
  • Stephane argued this icon belongs in Thanks not Echo, so:
    • Amend my Thanks patch to replace the PNG with SVGs instead of deleting it
    • Once that's done I can abandon my Echo patch

The impossible part:

  • There are icons called thanks-ltr.svg and thanks-rtl.svg in Echo. If thanks-green belongs in Thanks, then these do too.
  • However, these are secondary link icons, and we don't currently have infrastructure to put secondary link icons in extensions other than Echo
  • So we need to leave these alone for now until we build infrastructure to make this move possible

Sorry, forgot about the "impossible part" from above. This task isn't done until we move thanks-{ltr,rtl}.svg from Echo to Thanks, which is blocked on creating proper infrastructure for secondary links.

Re-closing because creating a bunch of infrastructure to move that one icon probably isn't worth it.