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get rid of protocol relative URIs for all wikimedia projects (wikipedia, commons, wikidata,....)
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Please get rid of protocol relative URIs for all wikimedia projects (It is possible that it is still usefull for non wikimedia wikis)

for users of wikimedia project it's snakeoil!

for dewiki: there are about 3.6 million protocol relative-URLs in external url table which causes 7.3 million recordsets. 50% of this 7.3 million recordsets are garbage! it's about 20% of the external url table!
in some cases we have 4 entries for the same url 2× from PR-URLs 1× form http and 1× form https

for wikitext: it makes the wikitext more complicated to read for users and more difficult to handle with scripts.

direct in article namespace are about direct coded 5000-8000 RP-URLs, but about 25-33% of them do not support https, we have to fix them per hand.

the most of the PR-URLs come from templates (geohack!) and wikidata.

do to list:

  1. declaire protocol relative-URLs for deprecated.
  2. change fullurl-funktion to produce https-only
  3. create a hidden categroy for all pages with contains PR-URLs

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Whether dewiki wants to spell the https:// urls in full is an editorial issue, not a technical one.

For the external url table, the entries should merge into https now the are https-only, ifthey aren't already.

Scripts would still need to handle it, if you don't use protocol-relative urls, (non-advanced) users won't find them.

Who wrote those 5000-8000 protocol-relative urls in the articles if those pages don't support https?? If a template added them, a template can remove them.

Declining as per last comment.