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Keeping context while viewing annotations
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Nov 29 2016, 7:16 AM
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Michelle uses an image of the solar system to show her students information about each planet in context.She can quickly move from Venus to Mars to compare their different temperatures while keeping the general context in the solar system. She annotates the image with precision for planets of different sizes and is able to use the same image of the solar system when teaching both her English and Frrench group of students, providing them with information in their language

The task explores some ways in which people can keep context of the image and other annotations while viewing annotations. This is important so that they are able to extract meaningful information from annotations.

WARNING: The table below is not really a table, just saving vertical space
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  • More information about a single object vs Some information about multiple objects
  • Let people use browser features vs Implement new features that sort of mimic the browser


  • People wont feel an information overload

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8 (née 7) seems a little much. I think 7 is a little cluttered, but doable. You're going to get pushback on adding a new preference for 6. I don't understand the controls for 5. I think 4 is pretty much already working, and obviously letting the browser do its job is a good policy. However, having images open in MMV, or having cards for each annotation, don't seem like terrible ideas.

I don't understand the controls for 5

Oops! I missed that in the mock up. I meant to add a close button.

An interesting variant of #2 could be to provide an indicator for all annotations, that opens a panel with the annotations listed). That provides a way to explore the content starting from the annotations without requiring much dedicated space initially. The panel can be presented more connected to the image than the separate section #2 uses.

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Since the 2016/2017 FileAnnotations prototype work is now quite outdated and both Wikidata and Commons have new features and design plans (like moving new features to Vue.js on Commons), and the extension is not actively under development, the best thing to do is close these tasks and create new ones when/if there's a team available to pick up development on this feature.