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Show users that they're adding value when creating FileAnnotations
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When reading about "Stahl House", Henry finds an interesting image of the house where some parts are annotated. Henry discovers that annotations are possible and feels invited to add more. He adds some annotations for testing and is able to quickly remove his own tests without affecting the existign ones. Finally, he annotates a piece of furniture to indicate it was the "tulip chair" by Eero Saarinen. Later, when going back to the article Henry feels he has made a good contribution.

Annotations coulde be added by added by active readers and editors alike. Letting them know that this adds value is important if we want to encourage them.

WARNING: The table below is not really a table, just saving vertical space

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7 is a cool idea. 8 should work already, we just need a good heuristic for deciding when and how to show the interface. More cross-wiki API fun is in my future.

1 again will require a more granular storage and modification system to determine who added which annotation, and edited, and so on. But it's possible.

The rest seem helpful and easy, some are even out of our hands (on-wiki stuff), so I'm on board!

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I wonder if it would be possible to use the dedicated room we have in 7, to include some information on how much annotations were used/viewed/thanked. Notifications are good to highlight specific events and achievements, but they don't work well to provide a general overview. So a more central "dashboard" where such information is surfaced can be useful.

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