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Change date format in Pageviews tool (and related tools) to YYYY-MM-DD
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Currently the Pageviews tool and related tools (Langviews, Massviews...) uses the american date format MM-DD-YYYY. This is confusing for most people (especially when the date is the 12th or less), and the Citoid system requires a YYYY-MM-DD format, as that is compliant with

Please change these tools to use the ISO format too.

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@Wittylama The date format should go off of your computer and/or browser settings, which I assume you have set to US English. You can force ISO 8601 by unchecking "Localise date format" in the Settings panel. Does this work for you?

Thank you very much. Yes - that does work.
Oddly though, my computer is NOT set to US english standard - it is DD/MM/YYYY. But that's not your problem I suspect :-)

Thanks for the quick reply. I guess you can mark this one as closed?

@Wittylama Here is a tiny script to tell you what language your browser is set to: If it is not "en-US", and you feel the language being reported should have a different date format, let me know so I can update the list I have :) Will go ahead and close as invalid