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Allow Langviews tool to track multiple articles, with reference to its Wikidata Q number
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The Langviews tool requires inputting a "multilingual project" which apparently does not include Wikidata.
I wish to track the pageviews of a set of articles across multiple language Wikipedias, but there is not a 'core' wikipedia where they ALL exist as articles. So, the only wiki project where they all exist is Wikidata.

Please allow me to enter a set of Q numbers so I can track *multiple* (not just one) topic across languages.

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Allowing user to enter a wikidata item is a very fine idea! That I will take care of first (T151898), then later I'll explore allowing multiple items. The tool was built to process only one source, but that was because at the time querying for more than just a few hundred pages wasn't really feasible. Performance has improved and we can now handle tens of thousands of pages. Thanks!

@Wittylama Rereading this, I wasn't sure if you were aware that with Langviews, you can specify any Wikipedia project (or Wikivoyage, Wiktionary, ones that support multiple languages) and enter in the article name for that project, then it will show the pageviews for all languages. The idea is that most users would go off of their "home" project, so will use the search to find the article in their language. It is understood there is no "core" Wikipedia. This still does not address your need to view multiple articles side by side, which I admit is much further down the road in terms of a features road map, but I'm happy to look into it. Hope this helps!

@MusikAnimal My specific use-case for this request is based on this project:
Which is tracking 280 specific paintings (ten per E.U. country) and encouraging people to write about their own country's paintings & translate articles about each others'. As you can see from that big table of translations there are a fixed number of languages being tracked, and a fixed number of Wikidata items. However there is NOT any one Wikipedia language edition in which ALL of the paintings exist as an article. The ONLY place where they ALL exist is in Wikidata.

@Wittylama Got it. This is a bit of a specialized scenario, that I may not be able to support in a way that's consistent with other general use cases. I will have to brainstorm :) Perhaps a dedicated tool would make more sense.

There is one trick however that may help you right now: I see there is a hashtag used for this project. You can pageviews based on hashtag using the Massviews tool. This will return cross-wiki results, e.g. see results for #280.

See also T150507 which I think would apply for your use case, assuming all the images are in the same category.

@MusikAnimal yes, that is a specific case, but it's just a case that I know of.
The hashtag function is a potentially good one for tracking an editathon (especially a distributed event) because it allows people to self-identify individual edits across any page that the editor themself says are related to the topic - even if the event coordinator didn't think of that.

However, in many other kinds of circumstances (including the 280 example I gave here, but other kinds of 'challenge' events such as 'CEE Spring', or this week's BBC '100 women' event) there is a fixed list of topics/articles that the external partner cares about. Wikimedia Chapters might often care about 'number of editors' involved in an event (good for metrics) but external partners often only care about the resulting articles/translations.

And yes, that other Task you mentioned is also relevant and would be good to have.