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Deploy elasticsearch plugins with scap3 (Trebuchet elasticsearch/plugins)
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The ElasticSearch are still deployed via Trebuchet as elasticsearch/plugins. That must be deployed to Scap deployment.

Gerrit repo: operations/software/elasticsearch/plugins
Repo contributors: @Gehel @dcausse

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@dcausse @Gehel I am going to try to migrate the jobrunner service first ( T129148 ), then I guess jump into trying to migrate elasticsearch/plugins from Trebuchet to scap3.

If you have any experience with scap3, please be bold :}

hashar renamed this task from Deploy elasticsearch plugins with scap3 to Deploy elasticsearch plugins with scap3 (Trebuchet elasticsearch/plugins).Nov 30 2016, 11:43 AM

@hashar I only have very limited experience with scap3 and even less with trebuchet. But I'm happy to have a look if that can help!

I will level up myself on jobrunner then brain dump what I know and lead the plugins migration :-}

Thanks @hashar!
Let me know if I can help, I know the existing process but I know nothing about scap3 :(

hashar added a subscriber: mschwarzer.

@mschwarzer tried to populate the elasticsearch plugins on the math labs project via puppet. He hits a wall due to Trebuchet not being available. Though with scap3 he would still need a deployment server.

Some context: T111925#2968977

@dcausse @EBernhardson do you still plan to deploy elasticsearch plugins with scap or are you moving toward .deb packages?

@hashar I'd prefer to deploy them as deb files so that version dependencies would be handled by the package manager and this would help to unify how we deploy them between production and vagrant.
Today production uses trebuchet and vagrant uses a custom script in puppet, having a deb would really help here.
Other advantages would be to have a coherent apt repo for stable/production usages and the experimental repo to effectively test experimental versions without working with WIP patches in gerrit as we do today.

Work related to this is tracked in T158560.

@dcausse Just to get an idea on timeline... Ops wants to remove the use of Salt completely from production in Q1 (next quarter). That means trebuchet goes away as well. I presume you all know that and if I close this task as declined we won't end up in an "oh crap" moment later, right? :)

(closing) @greg ok, I have working POC for generating a deb and I already bumped the prio of T158560. I think we can safely close this one. Thanks for the reminder! :)