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Fix admin access for wikimedia-pk
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i am admin of
But i cannot able to get to admin access.

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@Saqib: What is requested here? A password reset? Please clarify... :)

Aklapper renamed this task from mailing list - admin access to Fix admin access for wikimedia-pk.Nov 30 2016, 6:04 PM

I'm adding @Dzahn as he can easily reset the password for you, however before this is done, I urge you to add a secondary list administrartor for the list to make sure that you are not the only person with administrator access for the list as per standard procedure.

tomasz triaged this task as Low priority.

@Saqib please check your hotmail address for a new password. It was mailed to and forwarded from there.

fermium:~] $ sudo /var/lib/mailman/bin/change_pw -p $(pwgen -c1 -s 12) -l wikimedia-pk
New wikimedia-pk password: ....

@Saqib if you can confirm you have access again we can close this ticket. please do consider adding a second admin like tomasz said. that's a good idea.

Thanks everyone. Closing as per last comment.