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New Maintainer needed for LanguageTool WikiCheck on Toolforge
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LanguageTool WikiCheck (was here) is a brilliant, very useful tool. It allows to check spelling and grammar in Wikipedia articles. Unfortunately, it is no longer hosted on server (, but code is still available at

It would be great if we could use this tool again.

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@WTM: Please feel free to set it up on Tool labs - see how you can do this. :)
I'm not sure what is requested exactly in this task and from who; could you clarify?

Just throw the idea to people who have more technical knowledge than I do. I am an ordinary Wikipedia editor, who will be happy to take advantage of useful tools.

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@Adithyak1997: See the upper left corner of this task. It says "Open".

@Aklapper Sorry. Actually, this post was created around 2 and a half years years ago and no recent updates were seen here, which led me to ask such a question. I would like to inform that I am interested in becoming a maintainer for this tool. I have a small suggestion too. If I am selected as a maintainer, I may try to maintain this tool. But if I am unable to handle this tool, please remove me as a maintainer (at that time).

As a note, I am going to develop a tool with similar purpose – checking grammar in Wikipedia articles – but that one should probably rely on newer technologies, such as the MediaWiki DOM spec (output of Parsoid) to avoid issues with wikitext syntax. Also, it will only integrate with a particular grammar checker currently under development for the Czech language, and I do not even know yet whether the tool will have separate interface calling the grammar checker's backend, or whether it will be more like copying text there and forth between Wikipedia edit window and a form on the grammar checker's website. Anyway, I could probably take some ideas from the decommissioned WikiCheck and the resulting tool could be useful to people who would like to adapt it to other languages (and checkers), provided I will be able to release the code under a free license (this is going to be a part of a larger research project).