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Ability to use hyperlinks in log summaries
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At present, using [[wikilinks]] in any sort of log (e.g., block form, user rights interface, etc., renders fine in the relevant logs. However, using a hyperlink (including diffs) render as a non-formatted, raw url, rather than the [1] (assuming no pipped text, e.g. [ link] = link) which appears if inserting the hyperlink into an ordinary wiki page.

This results in both the logs being ugly, and a tedious copy-and-paste process to investigate links used in logs (especially diffs).

Example, a Bureaucrat on enwiki flags a bot, with a diff to the relevant Bot Approvals Group decision. The log entry renders in an ugly format, meaning anybody following up on the 'crat's actions are hindered. The result is an overall decrease in efficiency.

I am unsure why logs do not support hyperlinks, but I would be pleased to see it implemented. Is this enhancement possible? Cheers, --AGK

Version: 1.13.x
Severity: enhancement
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I also think this feature is handy. Like other external links, a "nofollow" rule should be considered.

That is a good point. Whilst spam links, etc., are not as big a worry, as most logs are used by those that should be considered trustworthy (the block form, sysops; the userrights form, 'crats, and now sysops with rollback; etc.), there are other logs—the upload form, accessibly by anybody with any account.

But yes, nofollow is something we'd need to factor in.

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