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Patterns containing "--" breaks page layout
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Instance of bug (with results)

When attempting various linksearches containing "--", the site layout breaks rather badly.

If there are results in the linksearch, e.g. [[Special:Linksearch/--.some.tld]]/[[Special:Linksearch/]], then some of the pagination links get lopped, the sidebar gets jammed to the left and the special page tab floats(see first attachment).

If there are no results the string "Special page" is displayed instead of the standard "There are no results for this report.". The special page tab is missing and the sidebar is misplaced. Example queries: [[Special:Linksearch/--]]/[[Special:Linksearch/*]]. See second attachment.

Version: unspecified
Severity: normal


bug131xx.1.png (933×1 px, 179 KB)



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Instance of bug (no results)


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Fixed that and a issue with a label in r31427.