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Conduct LE survey for annual planning retrospective work
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Known steps:

  • Identify recipients (list is in an email)
  • Decide on survey start/end dates
  • Create the survey
  • Email announcement
  • Email reminder (as needed) - Due Tuesday Jan 24
  • Close the survey - Wed Jan 25
  • Analyze the results

Event Timeline

ksmith triaged this task as Medium priority.Dec 1 2016, 7:13 PM

@Awjrichards : I'm still eagerly awaiting a proposed list of participants from you. (Originally requested via email, which is probably the most suitable channel for you to provide it.)

Tentative recipient list has been decided. Is it worth trying to start an LE survey now, and having it run through the holidays and/or all-hands? My inclination is to wait and open it on Jan 17 and leave it open for 1 week. Thoughts, @Awjrichards ?

Cool. The 18th actually looks better (since the 16th is a holiday). I have set myself reminders to take care of this.

Survey was sent. Leaving this task in the Waiting column because the next activity can't happen for several days.

The survey is closed. The response rate was low (20%), but the responses were extremely positive.

I think this is done unless Arthur wants something else out of it, so assigning to him for "review". Feel free to move to done, or to assign back to me with requests for additional work.