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5.3.1 (1011) Last article shown when tapping the History tab
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Steps to reproduce:

  1. Open the 4K resolution article in the app (via search)
  2. Task switch to Safari and search in Google for "Yakuza" select the wikipedia result
  3. Pull down and press the Open in app banner
  4. app opens to Yakuza page
  5. Press W to go to the main tabs view
  6. Press History tab

Expected results:

  1. History list is displayed with Yakuza at the top, followed by 4K

Actual result:

  1. 4K article opens

iOS 10.2, iPhone 6S

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JMinor triaged this task as Medium priority.Dec 1 2016, 9:40 PM
JMinor claimed this task.

Fixed as of build 1018

Okay, testing another issue, this just happened to me with 1018.

Not sure why it worked earlier today, but not now. Maybe app state dependent in some very specific way. Needs more testing.

@JMinor this is just an artifact of our 3 tab UI.

  1. Open article A on the history tab
  2. Go to Safari
  3. Open a Wikipedia Article B
  4. App opens article B ALWAYS on the first tab (explore)
  5. Tap Back, you will see explore
  6. Tap History
  7. Article A will still be open on the History tab


  1. Redesign UI to open all articles in a single browser window
  2. Push articles always in the current tab
  3. Do nothing

I think 1 is the eventual goal… but probably a ways off. The only minor issue with option 2 is that the user may not run into the explore screen. If we are ok with that, its an easy fix. And doing nothing is definitely an option here.

What do you want to do?

You could also clear the history tab navigation stack when pushing an article to explore or tapping on the history tabbar icon.

Yes. The expected behavior is that tapping on a navigational tab should never push an article stack. Ideally, we'd combine the stacks, but the real issue here is that we should NEVER display an article in response to a main tab press. It seems like @JoeWalsh suggestion is the best way to achieve that for now.

Please use reproduction steps and verify expected behavior.

Handset: iPhone 5s
iOS: 10.1.1
Wikipedia app: 5.3.2 (1027)

This has been fixed as I got the History page to display as expected -

T150201.PNG (1×640 px, 49 KB)