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Create a log for SpamRegex at Special:Log/regexspam
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Such a tool would need the actions logged since it could be easily abused, and it also makes it easier to keep track of changes. It should exist at Special:Log/regexspam and called "Spam regex log" :) (for consistency with RegexBlock)

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So logging into Special:Log isn't very tricky, but here we'll want to make sure that all entries are logged into $wgSharedDB's logging table instead of the local one for proper wiki farm support. Maybe all it takes is a $dbw->selectDB( $wgSharedDB ), or maybe it takes more than just that.

Another thing, when a person triggers the SpamRegex filter, that should be logged too (similar with AbuseFilter). Should they be separate logs? On a high-traffic wiki, and especially wiki-farms, there c/would be many entries where it was just triggering the filter, and it'd be hard (or at least, take a long time) to track down when a staff adds or remove a filter.

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