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Move ISBNs out of external links (II)
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:It looks like there are patterns that might be able to added to AWB's general fixes or to a script. Syntax like <code>...Publishers, 2000, ISBN 1-85065-534-0, p. 19-20.]</code> is pretty common in a few different flavors:
:*<code>...Publishers, 2000, ISBN 1-85065-534-0, p. 19-20.]</code> (also check for en dash in page range, but do not replace automatically)
:*<code>1985, 590 pages, ISBN 9780094666504, pp. 216-232.]</code>
:*<code>2006 ISBN 0262195291 p 229]</code>
:*<code> p. 121, ISBN 0802860664, accessed 5 November 2009]</code> (or "retrieved", with DMY and MDY date formats)
:*<code>(1995), ISBN 0-8499-1213-X, 9780849912139]</code> (existing AWB pattern, but with two ISBNs)