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Display categories button for logged-in users on mobile web stable
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As a logged in user, I want the ability to easily view categories for articles

Acceptance criteria:

  • Display categories button for logged-in users on mobile web stable
  • The button is displayed to all users in beta

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I am new to open source contributions, I want to start with this Can you give me the details how to proceed

Hi @Rammanojpotla this is not the best one to start with. We tag tasks with "Easy" or "Needs volunteer" if we think they suitable so please peruse through this list at your leisure.

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What does this task need a volunteer for? This is just a setting, AFAICT.

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Lots of issues with this feature as detailed in T24660. We'll want to fix these before turning this on in stable. It's not production ready.

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Why only for logged in users? A lot of my friends that read but do not edit Wikipedia use categories to navigate related topics, there really isn't much use to making non-signed in mobile users complete second class citizens of Wikimedia websites (as is already the case), you don't need an account to view categories on desktop mode, this would probably be best if it were added to ALL mobile users' interface, would probably also require less maintenance.