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Display filtered data in different categories
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When a user searches filters the data in a particular way, data could (feel free to discuss) be returned in three categories. The following suggestion makes most sense when only filtering for a URL pattern. The 2nd and 3rd columns wouldn't be useful for a page or username filter, respectively.

  • A chronological list of links added during the time frame
    • Columns: Date/time added, Language Wikipedia, Article name (link), User name (link), full URL, link to Diff
  • A list of where most links were added in the time frame
    • Columns: Article name (link), number of links added, link to or dropdown list of links
  • A list of users who added most links in the time frame
    • Columns: User name (link), number of links added, link to or dropdown list of links

These lists should be customisable to show additions, removals, or both

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Samwalton9 updated the task description. (Show Details)

@MER-C Do you think this would be sufficient? I took your comments from T118042 into consideration here.

MER-C added a subscriber: Beetstra.Dec 6 2016, 2:39 AM

Sounds good to me.

@Beetstra: comments?

If I understand it correctly, thse are basically giving the possibility to search 'by link/domain', 'by username/IP' or by 'pagename', right? That sounds about the most important, the first two is how we generally search, we either know the domain and find the spammers, or we know a spammer and want to find the domains. The third one is useful to monitor typical pages soammers would hit. System should be designed in such a way that the three searches can link to each other: if I am looking at a list of additions of a certain domain, with 3 different users adding them, I should have for each user a link to the 'search for this user', so I can snowball quickly.

I presume this is single wiki, do we need a tool like Luxo's for cross-wiki, or is that easy to do?

(Oh, I am looking forward to have/design a tool to blacklist directly from one of these search pages ...)

Having a "filter for this user" button in the interface is definitely a good idea.

Not sure exactly how the cross-wiki aspect of this will work. Ideally I think the Schema would be deployed on all projects and languages (assuming that's feasible), and then wiki would be another filter.

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