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Pre-Developer Summit Communication Plan
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This is the time line and content plan for communicating to Developer Summit attendees & remote participants.

We will send a minimum of 2 emails to Dev Summit attendees and a max of 3.
First email: As soon as the program is finalized. Encourage Phab discussion and collaboration. More info about unconference & hacking day and social events. Any steps that should be taken by attendees.
Optional 2nd email: 1 week out from event. Anything else we need to communicate at this point?
Final email: Friday before the event. Last min information, reaching the venue, timing, unconference sign up.

We will send a minimum of 1 email to Remote attendees and a max of two.
First email: once we have a solid remote participation plan.
Second email: if anything changes

I am assigning this task to myself, but it would be excellent if @srishakatux could take on the participation to remote participants email which can go out to anyone who was turned away from the events as well as wikitech-l.

Event Timeline

@Rfarrand I just updated the action item list for the task about remote participation and reaching out to remote attendees is in there :) I believe by next week we will have a final schedule, and an idea about sessions which will be offered for remote attendees. I will then update our wiki schedule and start promoting it.

@Rfarrand Two things that I would help add to the first email that you would send out: Invitation for T150152 and information about proposing an activity for the unconference and link to the summit unconference page (will work on it this week).

Looking at the calendar, there is not much margin:

  1. Dec 12-16
  2. Dec 19-23
  3. Jan 2-6

(The last week of December is Winter Holiday).

The main topics for each of these weeks could be:

  1. Pre-scheduled session and how to participate.
  2. How the Summit and "the third day" will work.
  3. Logistics for a good beginning of the event and last details.

Slight delay, but I will begin drafts for these communications tomorrow.

I am starting to work on the email draft that would contain information about unconference, remote participation, get stuff done day and pre-summit event. (as I will take a long time to make it look sane and beautiful :D)

Last email the week before the summit and then we can close this task, will draft it either next week or the following week.

No more expected communications in advance of the event!
all three emails to participants can be found here:

Closing task!