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Developer Summit Metrics Tracking
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  • No of registrations received:
  • No of approved participants:
  • No of participants who we rejected:
  • No of participants who rejected our invitation:
  • Scholarship requested:
  • Scholarship granted:



  • Page view analysis report of the Wikimedia Developer Summit page between October 15th and 29th is below. Page views peaked on the 18th, 19th, 21st, and 23rd. These are exactly the dates when we maximized out outreach efforts through mailing lists, social media channels, and other means as discussed in the related task here:


  • No of committee members: 11
  • Number of themes: 6
  • List of themes:
    • A plan for the Community Wishlist 2016 top results
    • Handling wiki content beyond plaintext
    • Building on Wikimedia services: APIs and Developer Resources
    • How to manage our technical debt
    • Artificial Intelligence to build and navigate content
    • How to grow our technical community


  • No of prescheduled sessions: 19
  • No of unconference sessions scheduled: 20 (we had total 24 spots available, 12 per day)
  • Q&A Session with CTO and VP received 40 proposals for questions and a total of 1840 votes. See below our top 5 questions:


All session notes were collected here: We asked people to take notes collaborative notes on etherpad, and then move it over to the wikis. Good thing is that no session is missing notes, but it's just that they lack consistency. We collected:

  • 32 notes via etherpad
  • 12 notes via MediaWiki
  • 2 slides
  • 2 via google docs


  • 10 people presented out of which 9 people demoed what they developed and 1 was about announcement of the developer wishlist


  • Promotion about remote participation received much love on twitter.

  • Video statistics of the keynote w/ Ward from YouTube, that has received 248 views so far and the view duration increased up to two weeks after the summit


This year we would like to improve our "Metrics of Success" tracking at the Wikimedia Developer Summit.
Our efforts and documentation in the past include:

This year we need to:
Figure out what metrics we should be tracking
Figure out how to track them
Track them
Publish the results

@srishakatux can you use this task to think about what things we would like to know about the event which will help demonstrate its value (or lack there of)?

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srishakatux lowered the priority of this task from High to Medium.Dec 8 2016, 10:23 PM

@srishakatux can you explain the status of this task, please? Do you plan to work on it in this quarter?

@Rfarrand should we close this task? At this point, it seems too redundant to me. As we are discussing things to improve/ and feedback elsewhere.

The debriefs, the one that you are planning to organize via hangouts and the blog post I believe will summarize it all?

I don't think its ready to be closed, because we don't actually have a list of hackathon metrics in one place.
Basically we need something like this before it can close:

@Rfarrand I've added metrics in the task description! I couldn't gather data about registration, could you help me fill that out? I've added 4-5 points in the registration section that I thought might be useful info to have.

what are we missing right now? anything else that we should add?

Sure, will take a look at the registration stuff tomorrow and see what else (if anything) is missing! Thanks for your work here!!

Looks like this task is Resolved?