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[Epic] Allow extensions to register simple keyword features
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Extensions can now register additional fields that will be part of the index but they can't register special syntax to use them inside search queries.

Extensions should be provided a way to register special keywords that can be used to filter and/or rank main search results.

The idea would be to declare a new CirrusSearchKeywordService inside MediawikiServices.
When this service is instantiated it will build a list of the keywords declared by cirrus and then call a hook to allow extensions to register their own.

The base class to implement is SimpleKeywordFeature.

SimpleKeywordFeature allows accessing the SearchContext and provides a way to add new Filters and should provide a way to declare new rescore functions to rerank results.

Everything is mostly ready in cirrus to do this except rescore functions. A way to do it would be add a new array of type FunctionScoreBuilder inside the SearchContext class. Extension could then call

$searchContext->addRescoreFunction( $myFunctionScoreBuilderImplemention );

from their SimpleKeywordFeatures implementation.

The rescore function builder would then need to inspect the searchContext to add these rescore function to the optional_chain.

Currently the rescore builder is completely generic and generate elastic queries by reading a rescore profile. Now the optional_chain would bear a special meaning as it will be the default placeholder for SimpleKeywordFeatures to register their ranking functions.

This will probably involve splitting includes/Search/RescoreBuilders.php which currently contains multiple classes.

In the end everything should be put in place to allow moving includes/Query/GeoFeature.php to the GeoData extension.
Moving to GeoData is not strictly needed but would be a nice proof of concept and a good example for other extensions.

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