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Add information on how to change error message
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After chatting with Legal (@Slaporte) today, we need to make another update:

We need a better error code when a user tries to use a different license than CC0. We will need to add into the documentation on how and where to update the wording for this error message.

It's important that this wording comes from the community, and in this instance, any Admin on Commons can update the error message, we just need to tell them where it's at in order to let the community take charge.

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Any message can already be updated by the community (admins only) - by editing MediaWiki:Jsonconfig-err-license page ( MediaWiki:Jsonconfig-err-license on beta cluster. We can already edit it to supply whatever message we want to start from (must use WMF account for that). Since that message will only apply to the top level "license" field ($1="/license"), and the only available license is CC0 ($2 = "CC0-1.0+"), $1 and $2 can be simply ignored and replaced with any custom text.
I will place some other custom text there to be less generic. This change can be done at any moment and will work immediately.

To be clear - I'd like to have something added on the help pages for tabular and map data namespaces that will provide this information on how to change the error messages (for those users that are not admins).

I have updated admin notes documentation to explain how the license error message may be changed.

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