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Simple way to start a Conpherence with another Phabricator user
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In most other systems, the ability to directly contact a user is fairly easy.

Bugzilla had email links.
Slack/etc has direct person chats, and they are private (c.f. T150732)

With Phabricator, navigating to the "user" page of a person provides user links to and LDAP (actually Wikitech), which are public spaces, and may not be suitable.

Currently to start a Conpherence I believe we need to go to , click new room, which loads , then add the persons username.

It would be great if there was a "Start Conpherence" link on the person user page (e.g. ) - it could load a prefilled if the two people havent communicated directly previously , and ideally it shows a list of existing rooms that both people are already in, so it is easy to choose an existing room which may be appropriate for the intended message .

(Also, it would handy if the Wikimedia Phabricator collected registered IRC nick handles, and displayed them there also, given that is our main mechanism of technical adhoc communication.)

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I've also been running into this problem - starting a new Conpherence thread has become more cumbersome. In the past there was a "Send message" button on Phab user profiles (removed in upstream in the mean time). Also note that some people did not like that.

We're discussing disabling Conpherence in T127640 and there are no plans to implement T152652 in Wikimedia Phabricator, hence reflecting reality by declining.

If you want to see this in Phabricator in general (=upstream), see and