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nbsp before colons on fr
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Author: alistrius

hello, curently the categories displays like this on fr

Catégories: Administration Wikipédia | Requête sur Wikipédia

but in french typographic rules, there is a (non-breaking) space between a colon a it's preceeding word

Catégories : Administration Wikipédia | Requête sur Wikipédia

Maybe it could be possible to append it on the system message, but it looks a dirty hack™ to me (and the software should trim it anyhow), isn't it more relavant to update the french language class ?

Kind regards.

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Severity: enhancement



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The colons for "Categories" and "Hidden categories" are hardcoded in Skin::getCategoryLinks() :-(

A change is easy but would break localizations done per project.

Then the change should also include addition of the colons in the related messages on all message files. DE and others can then be updated to have the required space (I guess french may have its own restrictions).

ayg wrote:

Fixed in r31627 (and r31630 for hidden-categories, thanks to Raymond for pointing out that omission). I changed the message name from pagecategories to page-categories, but left hidden-categories alone. I also fixed the French translation so that the space before the colon actually worked: you could have just used   all along if you liked, which would not have gotten noticed as trailing whitespace.

This is not something that can be effectively handled by the language classes, or should be. They don't know how a colon is meant to be used. Punctuation should never be hardcoded in any case, so this should have been fixed regardless.

ayg wrote:

I'm backing out this fix; it made the colon and space be part of the link. Will check in a new one shortly.

ayg wrote:

Fixed a different way in r31636, using a new [[MediaWiki:Colon-separator]] message.

alistrius wrote:

Could it be possible to do the same thing for the autocomment in history lines ?

(actu) (diff) 4 mars 2008 à 13:56 IP 84.5 (Discuter | Contributions | Bloquer) m (21 159 octets) (→« Voir l’historique »: guillemets, merci) (défaire)

which become

(actu) (diff) 4 mars 2008 à 13:56 IP 84.5 (Discuter | Contributions | Bloquer) m (21 159 octets) (→« Voir l’historique » : guillemets, merci) (défaire)


ayg wrote:

Fixed in r31805. If you find any more instances, for the sake of tidiness, please open a new bug instead of re-opening this bug. You can feel free to CC me on the new bug.

alistrius wrote:

i changed the title of this bug to "nbsp before colons on fr" for this purpose. Is it ok or should i submit several bugs anyway ?

ayg wrote:

The convention is one bug filed per issue, and only reopened if the fix was wrong. This stops the same bug from being noted 10 different times in release-notes, etc. If a certain type of bug occurs repeatedly, we open up a tracking bug and mark every instance of it as blocking the tracker (see bug 2007 for a tracker for all the trackers), but this doesn't warrant that.