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Searching for "phabricator" project shows no search results in Phabricator
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Steps to reproduce

  • Type in the searchbar phabricator

Actual results

  • I saw no phabricator project in the search results.

Expected results

  • I expect the phabricator project to be found, this worked a month or two ago.

Extra details: Typing phabricator p found the project but this is a workaround and should be fixed so we can search with phabricator.

Note: Note that this is the searchbar and not the search bar inside a task adding projects.

Event Timeline

Works for me - 4th item is Phabricator. If it's not for you, please provide a screenshot of that area.

I've been having this problem for a while so nothing to do with last night hotfix.

Heres a screenshot with the workaround

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