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Problems to save changes in eu.wikipedia
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Since yesterday we're experiencing problems to save new articles or changes in existing articles. The error message is in basque, so I don't know the exact code, but it says that "the change could not be processed due to data-loss in the session. Please, try again. If the problem continues, please log-out and log-in again".

Neither of those solution is working.

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Hello, have you a link to discussion about this on the wiki ? Can you give example of concerned pages ?

We don't even have a discussion on it, as it's difficult to make changes. We have been discussing it with others via Whatsapp and yes, many people is experiencing this issue. You can try changing an article, for example I have this problem now with

It saved after 10 attempts.
But the problem is still there. You can try making any change to any article (as far is I tried, also for categories).

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@Anomie @Tgr Could you please dig in Logstash if this is something related to AuthManager / CentralAuth ? Thanks.

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mw.Api error: http Object { xhr: Object, textStatus: "error", exception: "" } load.php:13281:4

is what I get after opening the web browser's developer tools and their 'console' tab (for more information please see: Firefox ≥24; Internet Explorer; Google Chrome; Apple Safari; Opera) and going to a random page like (note the &debug=true), then adding a line in the wiki text editor, and pressing ""Erakutsi aurreikuspena"" (Show preview).

(On a completely unrelated note: All gadgets are broken as they have not been ported to ResourceLoader.)

Can't repro on Chrome 56 or Firefox 52 (but I can confirm issues with gadgets).

@Krinkle is good with updating Gadgets. If he's avalaible he might be able to have a look at them (and delete duplicate messages in the meanwhile).

@Anomie @Tgr Could you please dig in Logstash if this is something related to AuthManager / CentralAuth ? Thanks.

It's hard to find useful log records without details like a page name and an approximate timestamp (unless you have a good idea what kind of log event you are looking for, and AuthManager / CentralAuth is unlikely to be it). I checked the one page mentioned above but there are no interesting logs.

After logging out, I could save the article as an anonymous IP. But after logging in again, the problem continues.

Could you try disabling all gadgets?

@Theklan if you can reproduce, could you upload in a private paste the exact request network details? (On Chrome or Firefox, press F12 to bring up the Developer Toolbar, then select Network tab, then reproduce the issue, then right-click in the middle area and select "Save as HAR". You should probably log out afterwards as the HAR file contains session identifiers.)

Got it, thanks! I asked an admin to delete it since it contains private data and was uploaded as public (I can send it to anyone else who wants to do some debugging). I'll look into it tomorrow.

Apologies for taking so long to look at this. It's the same issue as T151770: a cross-domain request is made to some gadget, that results in a bunch of new cookies being set, and the browser (FF50 like in the other cases) forgets the local session cookie.