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"Tech Talk" about visual diffs
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Per , next time we may talk about the project described at T143350.
Details TBD :)
I edited the title because FWIW this can be a Tech Talk, a CREDIT demo, a screencast uploaded on Commons, whatever works for the presenter.

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Great! I will coordinate on this with @Tchanders off Phab to sort out the details and post back here once they are sorted.

Thank you for this proposal. Do you envision this talk as more user oriented or developer oriented?

I for one obviously need the user oriented thing. I am told that the developer oriented for this one requires a PhD or something to be understood...

Yes, I'd like this to be user-oriented too!

At the moment we mostly have developer-oriented things to talk about, but we're working hard on some more user-oriented problems this quarter, so it will probably be best to do the talk a bit later in the year.

I think that you need to do both talks. If the complicated one can be done soon, then let's do that one first.

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I think the talk @Tchanders gave at Wikimania probably qualifies as resolving this task. There is a recording:

Fair point: recording + slides should be added to any relevant pages on, though.