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JsonConfig needs Scribunto for extension-gate
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Earlier today, Scribunto was added as a dependency for JsonConfig (see rCICFfae709dce6b7: Added Scribunto to JsonConfig instead of Kartographer).

This works fine for the extension-unittests-generic jobs; however, it fails for the extension-gate jobs due to T125050: [Task] Add Scribunto to extension-gate in CI.

I'm squinting really hard here: [[ | mediawiki-extensions-{phpflavor} ]] and [[ | mwext-testextension-{phpflavor} ]] are strikingly similar.

Should JsonConfig be removed from extension-gate (see @Paladox's patch: @hashar? thoughts/ideas/schemes?

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So the issue was in So that has been worked around by skipping the tests.

We will want to split the tests in different parts and only run the one that we care about:. A basic drawing

Will want to explicitly scope it out, involves developers, get an RFC and build the necessary logic in MediaWiki + CI.

hashar claimed this task.

I am not sure what the task was about.

JsonConfig is in the gate since 2014 and Scribunto got added recently. I have confirmed that the tests are indeed run.