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Bengali Edit summary
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Please add following Edit summary for bn. (AWB/WikiFunctions/Variables.cs )

case "bn":
    mSummaryTag = "";
    WPAWB = "[[Project:অউব্রা|অউব্রা]] ব্যবহার করে";
    TypoSummaryTag = "বানান সংশোধন: ";

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Hi @Rjwilmsi Can you add it? I not know how.

Reedy claimed this task.

Commit 12170

@Reedy Help please, why AWB doesn't use default Bengali edit summary (''[[Project:অউব্রা|অউব্রা]] ব্যবহার করে'') after this bug is fixed? (AWB version:

Because there's been no release yet

I compiled the latest SVN version here, @Aftabuzzaman, and the Bengali edit summaries show up. Here's hoping that there is an official release soon, @Reedy, @Rjwilmsi, and @Magioladitis.