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[Spike] Discuss how to replace React
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IIRC, the React frontend started out as an experiment with a new technology. I found it extremely difficult to work with and inflexible, and I've heard the same thing from Sage and second-hand from WMF Community Tech's experience. I think we should reconsider this component and perhaps choose something better.

Porting to the something better would have to happen incrementally.

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It does get easier. At this point, I'm personally pretty happy with React in terms of the user experience it makes possible within a single course/program, with smooth transitions free of page loading between the tabs. Starting from scratch, I probably wouldn't choose it again, but replacing it would be a huge undertaking. I'm not categorically opposed to removing it, and discussing it, and the future direction of the frontend to make it as maintainable and extensible as possible, is a good idea. My current preference would be to modernize our usage of React by converting it to use Redux. That's become the standard, and is widely considered a much easier-to-grok — and easier-to-test — way to use React than the 'Flux' pattern that the dashboard currently uses.

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Not considering yanking out React at this point; we've done some architecture improvements that make it easier to work with, including the switch to Redux for state management, and it's relatively accessible to new devs who know the basics of React now (and there are lots of those).