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reinstall/reimage sinistra as mwlog2001
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With a new mwlog system in eqiad deployed (mwlog1001), it makes sense to reimage sinistra as mwlog2001, to reflect is role in its cluster naming.

sinistra currently isn't in service (but is in monitoring and calling into puppet.) It will need to be fully decommissioned as 'sinistra' in the software (no need to wipe disks) and then reinstalled as mwlog2001.

  • - disable all service level checks in icinga
  • - ensure services are all depooled and not in any service pools
  • - stop puppet on host
  • - puppet node clean and puppet node deactivate of sinistra hostname
  • - revoke salt key
  • - change all references in both dns and puppet repos from sinistra to mwlog2001
  • - create sub-task for label change and update of racktables visible label field
  • - update racktables hostname field
  • - reinstall system
  • - puppet/salt accept