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Restore default (old name) in Special:MovePage
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Since few hours, Special:MovePage does not have the current page title as preset default in the "to" field. This is pretty uneconomic for users, while the current setting does not offer real advantages over the discontinued setting.

I use Special:MovePage most often in the context of creating disambiguations. Thus the predominant use case is to just append " (something)" to the existing name. Even more easily, I usually have " (something)" in my browsers paste buffer, because I am having to insert it at various places in a series of pages - up to now that meant:

  • click rename, click name field, paste, click OK, done.

Now that means:

  • click rename, click name field, paste, move to beginnig of name field, select old name with cursor movement without accidentally clicking it (since it is a link), copy, click name field again, paste, select " (something)" again from the name field with cursor movement, copy, click OK, done;

which is an increase of some 500% to 700% in work load and requires a lot more concentration due to the two additional "select with cursor movement" operations.

The second most often used instance of Special:MovePage is spelling corrections. Also with these, having the old name available for correction is advantagous over having to retype, or copy&paste, it.

The only advantage of not having the old name is that it needs not be deleted when you want it replaced in its entirety. With almost all common browsers, however, this means either just typing (because the old name is already selected once you navigate to the field) or one click (which is usually exactly the click that navigates to the field, so it is not an additional one)

I am certain, restoring the default is serving more needs than not having one.

Version: 1.11.x
Severity: minor



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