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Creation of a mailman list
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I hereby ask for the creation of a new mailing list.

Requested name is

Members of this list will be Annual Plan Grants grantee organizations contacts as well as Wikimedia Foundation APG related staff.

*it has a closed membership (members can only join if approved by the administrator)

  • archives are only available to members.
  • administrator dmenard [ AT ]

Thank you :)

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Is there a second administrator?

At this stage why don't you put wolliff [AT]


tomasz triaged this task as Low priority.
tomasz added a subscriber: Jalexander.

I'm happy to create the list tomorrow night unless James beats me to it.

The list has now been created, and I configured it to have private archives, with new users being subscribed to the list only after administrator's approval.

You can configure the rest of the settings, including list description and a terse identifying phrase at the following web page:

The web page for users of your mailing list is:

Please list and describe your mailing list at the appropriate section of the mailing list overview page on Meta.

I just sent the admin password to the two e-mail addresses given above, and made them list administrators.

This request is now closed; enjoy your new mailing list!