Don't die if the user tries to nest a <ref> inside another one
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I have just figured out that VE at cs.wp freeze with the intent to include ref tags into other ref tags. This is sometimes needed, when you have notes under article and you need to reference some information for the notes. Normally you would add ref tags into {{#tag:ref...|group="$"}}, because otherwise it wont work and in preview you would see worning. But when doing this via VE it freezes and you lost all of your previous work.

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And vice versa, VE doesnt see/read notes which are in {{#tag:ref...|group="$"}}.

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The {{#tag:ref hack isn't supported, and is the cause of much sadness and upset. :-( We're certainly not going to have VE actively create more such wikitext, but we shouldn't crash on user input either. :-)

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I can't reproduce an outright freeze. Could you give some more precise steps you took?

I did note that trying to write {{#tag makes the VE template dialog error out, but it's in a reversible way -- I could cancel back out of it and keep making changes. Editing a page whose wikitext I had manually constructed to contain nested refs didn't show any problems.

As an aside, I noticed a preview-different-from-render thing when building my testcase for this:

Previews as
Renders as

...losing the display of the second ref in the actual page-output.