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Consider a longer, less ambiguous name for <ce>
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Bit late to this party but <ce> seems like a very short acronym to use for a tag name lists just a few things it could stand for (including at least two other things in the field of chemistry).

Could we rename to <chem> and make <ce> a deprecated alias?

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@Esanders can you open a new task? I have no strong opionion on the tag name. However, keep in mind that <ce> ( currently only supports sum formulae, maybe chem should be reserved for strucuture formulae.

I don't know enough about the topic to know how likely a structure extension is and if it should take precedence in getting the chem name. But given this extension exists now that should count for something. If it were latex based they could even share the name.

Change 331672 had a related patch set uploaded (by Physikerwelt):
Change chemestry tag name ce->chem

Physikerwelt claimed this task.

Is there a way we can search for instances of <ce> in the wild and fix them? I imagine it will only be a handful at this point.

Change 331672 merged by jenkins-bot:
Change chemistry tag name from ce to chem

Amire80 added a subscriber: Amire80.

When this is deployed, <chem> will be the recommended way to insert chemical formulas. <ce> will keep working for backwards compatibility, but should be replaced, for example using a bot. Current code that inserts or reads <ce> tags should be updated as well. Some day <ce> may be removed completely.

cswiki: 0 occurences. Is there some documentation/help guide, how to use ce/chem? I think nobody on cswiki actually knows there is such an option to write chemical reactions (at least nobody editing and/or writing chemical articles). I'd like to write some help page on cswiki how to use this feature, I tried to search for some documentation on MW, but found only [[|chemform doc]] (nobody didn't know about this either, but there is nothing about ce/chem), enwiki manual of style for chemistry does not contain any mention about this feature too.