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Extension:SyntaxHighlight_GeSHi reports for pages with syntax highlighting errors are bogus
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Description lists the pages:

as containing syntax highlighting errors and suggests remedies like adding lang="bash" or lang="shell-session". However, looking at the source of those pages, lang is always set to bash, python, shell-session, sql, or yaml, and these seem to be valid languages according to I null-edited the last page to see if it was some caching problem to no avail.

So it could be:

  1. Something subtle is wrong on those pages;
  2. there is a problem with Extension:SyntaxHighlight_GeSHi on wikitech; or
  3. there is a problem with the maintenance category updates on wikitech (does that work by job queue?).

I suspect option #3 and file a subtask for that.

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Some false positives have disappeared from the list, and still lists > 8000 jobs in the queue. When the job queue is closer to zero, this task can be reevaluated if it has been resolved.

bd808$ mwscript showJobs.php --wiki=labswiki --group
categoryMembershipChange: 7 queued; 8214 claimed (201 active, 8013 abandoned); 0 delayed

I null-edited the remaining pages which left four in the category and fixed those (including where I didn't spot the error when I filed this task). Now the category is empty, so this was indeed an artifact of T153618.

Thanks for following up on it @scfc!