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find an alternative for bulk use of Autolist2
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The following section with Autolist2 can't currently be done with other tools:

  • claim[31:5] and noclaim[735]
  • label = "Bob %"

Possible options:

  • T141813
  • Petscan with label search and two different "Uses items/props" fields

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The label query works since last week, just the SPARQL equivalent of the WDQ times out.

Thanks. I tried it and it works. I had to do it in two steps:

  • label + "Uses items/props" not P735,x with results in PagePile
  • PagePile + "Uses items/props" all of P31,Q5 (I cleaned up some noise that remained)

I did this manually for a few names with lots of results, but it's impractical for more than that. Autolist2 could be used directly by script to check a list of names.

WDQS does quite a lot now. I think we can close this.

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