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LOST WORK BUG: If you use the shortcut keyboard command to preview, you lose all your changes.
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Report from @Sadads:

When I press the Ctrl+ P shortcut, to preview, my contributions disappear and the page, loads temporarily without a "back button" with what I am assuming is a preview of my changes, but when I go back to work on the page, the editor interface has lost my changes.

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I haven't been able to reproduce this because I can't get the keyboard shortcut (ctrl-option-p) to do anything in Safari 10.

I can reproduce the original report in Wikipedia. As far as I can see, the preview shortcut just isn't live yet on Wikipedia, so the shortcut still calls the print version. This should fix itself with the next deployment.

Well, or not: I can also reproduce a similar serious bug on

When I press Alt-Shift-P while editing in Firefox, the page is grayed out, leaving me without any way to edit, save or do anything else. Relevant entry from browser console seems to be


Ahaha, it looks like we need to figure out what the shortcut will be and how it will respond to editors. Thank you for exploring this.

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Preview shortcut varies depending on platform/browser -- should be the same as the classic editor's preview shortcut, though. e.g. on Mac it's ctrl-option-p. Command help dialog should be accurate in all cases, though.

@Sadads: Can you elaborate on what you did to "go back to work"? Did you click the "resume editing" button in the top-left of the screen / use the browser back button?

And did it look like

or like


@Schnark: I've made T153958 for the seemingly firefox-specific bug opening the preview dialog via the shortcut.

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In Chrome Alt-Shift-P does show me the standard beforeunload warning popup, but if I okay that, I end up in the print view of the article (which is where Alt-Shift-P takes you on article pages, but I wouldn't expect it in an editor).

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Is this still a problem ?

DLynch added a comment.Feb 1 2017, 4:54 PM

It's plausible, looking back at this, that the problem was fixed by 4d134cfefcf5f5477f50679a6edef1be54277b0e which removed accesskey conflicts. That was Dec 16th, so the timeline would depend a bit on where exactly people were testing things.

Dvorapa added a subscriber: Dvorapa.Feb 1 2017, 5:03 PM

@DLynch when was it deployed to WMF wikis?

DLynch added a comment.Feb 1 2017, 5:06 PM

The ticket got tagged with WMF-deploy-2016-12-06_(1.29.0-wmf.5) for the initial "we have accesskeys now" patch, and WMF-deploy-2017-01-03_(1.29.0-wmf.7) for the commit I suggested as a fix, so I guess the timeline for this ticket being filed is about right.

Tgr added a comment.EditedFeb 1 2017, 6:53 PM

Is this still a problem ?

No, the shortcut now opens the same preview dialog that would come up by clicking Save changes -Show preview, without any loss of data. Thanks!

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Very well…