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Consider allowing sequences (like {{ [[ etc.) in wikitext mode
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@Sadads suggests using {{ as a shortcut to open the template dialog. Having some shortcut would reduce the need to stop typing, go to the Insert menu, and find the correct item.

On the other hand, if someone's typing a short and familiar template such as {{fact}}, then it could be annoying to have the dialog appear. This may require more consultation or finding alternatives.

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I thought we already had this?

@AlexMonk-WMF for the 2017 wikitext editor. I can think of a number of circumstances, where my typing in the the wikitext editor, has created a bad template, slow down or interfering with the accuracy of my contributions.

It might be worth making it a user option for the wikitext editor.

We have this shortcut – currently, unadvertised, and subject to removal without warning – in VisualEditor's visual mode but not in its wikitext mode.

IMHO a keyboard shortcut (aka ve.ui.Trigger) for the template dialog would be better. Ctrl-Shift-T (T for Template) seems still to be free.

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Possibly duplicate to T148001

Good spot, thank you.